The Brazilian Bikini Wax – Modern Trend or Medieval Torture?

Brazilian bikini waxes have become popular over the past few years, and have even been discussed at length on the show “Sex and the City” in the U.S. They take bikini waxing a step further with a certain they-take-all-the-hair-off flair. Most people react to the idea of Brazilian bikini waxes with horror and curiosity. Many men seem intrigued. Of course, they aren’t the ones getting them done.

The process for a Brazilian bikini wax is pretty similar to a regular bikini wax, although Brazilian bikini waxes (sometimes called just “Brazilians”) are almost always done by a professional. Basically, a woman shows up at her salon and is taken into the room where waxing is done. There, she removes her pants or skirt and hops up on the table provided in her top and in her underwear (and most salons suggest you wear thongs for this sort of bikini wax). The aesthetician comes into the room, and preps the bikini line with powder. Then, she puts some heated wax on the bikini line, rubs a strip of cloth over the wax, waits a minute and yanks the strip off. In many cases, the woman (or victim) is asked to hold the skin around her thighs taut, to help minimize the pain.

While a regular bikini wax would essentially end there, in a Brazilian bikini wax, the process in repeated over and over until all the pubic hair is gone (in some cases, a tiny patch is left on the very top). In many cases, the underwear is moved all around to let the aesthetician get at all the hair. Sometimes, a woman has to twist herself around like a pretzel in order to let the aesthetician wax all the hair properly. The sides are left perfectly smooth, although I warn you, getting the sides done hurts like nothing else (try taking an Advil before your appointment). The aesthetician uses tweezers to get at any tiny or wiry hairs that have escaped the wax. Then the woman is left to put on the rest of her clothes and wobble away as best as she can.

The Brazilian bikini wax costs a little more than a regular bikini wax and takes longer. Wearing underwear will feel strange after this sort of wax, although some women like the sensation. As hair grows back to the required 1/4 inch length for the next session, some women may notice some irritation from the hairs at the sides.

I have mixed feelings about this wax. I find it strange that women feel the need to remove so much hair and suffer such pain. On the other hand, some women feel sexier with this sort of bikini wax. I guess it depends on how much pain you are willing to put up with and how curious you are to try this type of wax.

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What Is A Medspa? Your Questions Answered

A medspa offers a nice compromise between a cosmetic surgery clinic and a day spa. A clinic is where you go for your surgical operations while a day spa is a place where you get some soothing massage or facial treatments. This type of spa puts the two together, offering “lite” surgery performed under the supervision of a medical doctor, but with a less clinical feel to it. Medspas are now popping up all over the country in response to the rising demand for something that’s in-between.

What Treatments Do They Offer?

While every medspa is a little different in what treatments they offer, there are a few that you can expect to find just about anywhere. These include procedures that use intense pulsed light (IPL) since this is non-invasive. They may have skin treatments like microdermabrasion, medical peels and skin tightening. Most of these clinics offer injectable treatments such as Botox, Restylane and other dermal fillers. All of their many treatments may be offered in packages designed to get you the results that you want. These are all treatments that are non-surgical, but too complex to be performed at a typical day spa.

The Doctor Is In

One of the main differences between a medspa and day spa is that you’ve got a physician present in medspas. The treatments that are offered there require the skills of a certified physician. They may not perform the treatments themselves, but they will definitely be overseeing everything that happens at the spa. The staff will be trained to perform the vast majority of the tasks required. Doctors who work at medspas are all certified and licensed to practice, although their specific practice areas and specializations can range pretty widely.

Is It Safe?

Many people might not consider visiting a medspa because of worries over safety. After all, it’s not a real clinic; how can you make sure you’ll be safe? Each state has its own strict rules and regulations regarding medical spas and they are just as tightly regulated as any hospital or clinic. Again, a physician oversees everything that goes on and makes sure that the staff is conforming to these guidelines. It also helps that most of the treatments offered are non-invasive. This means that there is no actual cutting involved; these are light surgical procedures that affect the body lightly.

Are Treatments Effective?

If these are not actually surgical procedures, what guarantee do you have that they’ll actually work? If you know anything about the injectable Botox, you’ll know that it produces varied results. Most people find that it works to make their skin look younger, but with all natural treatments, there is always the risk that it will not work. When you first visit a medical spa, talk to the staff about their success rate with former patients. They’ll have before and after pictures to show you what their treatments can do, and they may even be able to refer you to past patients. Most spas, in order to remain competitive with the new ones constantly opening, have worked hard to develop treatment combinations that work because they know that satisfied patients equal more business.

The medspa offers a wonderful alternative to cosmetic surgery. If you’re not sure you want to go under the knife to look your best and turn back the years, visit your local spa and see what they have to offer.

Brazilian Wax for a Sensuous Look – the Procedures and the Costs

Women want to look beautiful when they are in a bathing suit or lingerie and there is one surefire way to ensure that you don’t have any embarrassing moments and that is to have a Brazilian. That’s short for Brazilian waxing where the pubic hair is completely removed with hot wax. A lot of operators use Gigi wax because of its high quality and performance at removing hair. Women really love to have a Brazilian wax because all of the hair down there is removed leaving smooth and sleek. Not only is this incredibly sensuous to men, but it also looks so much better in bathing suits and lingerie.

All women know what that shaving stubble looks like in their bikini line and very few women have escaped having a pubic hair or two take up residence outside of their bathing suit to their embarrassment. So, the best thing to do is have a Brazilian wax where all hair is removed and there is no concern for wearing a white bathing suit, a teeny tiny bathing suit, or see through lingerie of any kind.

The prices for this procedure vary depending on where you go and what services you request. Most women pay between $40 and $80 for this service although it is cheaper and more expensive in different places in the world. You can call around and talk to the different salons in your area to find out what prices are and what services are offered. There are full Brazilian waxes and then partial waxes. A partial only removes a portion of the pubic hair whereas a full removes all hair.

A Brazilian wax really doesn’t take that long, but it does require losing all modesty before beginning. If you have no problem with the stirrups at your gynecologist then getting a Brazilian will be easy for you. However, if you are really modest then you might prefer to shave your bikini line yourself or else get up the nerve to go to a salon for professional waxing. Usually the hair is trimmed short first with scissors. After this small strips of linen are placed over warm wax that is spread onto a portion of the hair. It sits there for a few seconds and then is ripped off . This might sound painful, and it is, but it goes by quickly and offers outstanding results. Once all the hair is removed the technician will go over any leftover hair with tweezers to leave you bare and beautiful,

Should You Try Reflexology?

Talk about alternative therapies and reflexology may come into the conversation. A lot of people, including medical professionals think it’s a load of hooey and that it doesn’t help anyone ever. But then there are the people who swear by it and say that it helps them immensely, so who is right?

It of course depends on the person. If you enjoy reflexology and it makes you feel better then by all means keep it up! The medical community doesn’t say you should never partake, only that it won’t heal major diseases alone and that if you delay ‘proper’ treatment of those diseases it can become a life threatening issue.

So we’ll just deal with the day to day ailments, those that aren’t life threatening and those that may just feel better after some reflexology treatments. Reflexology itself is the ability to stimulate nerve function, give the body an energy boost and help with circulation. It is also said to be able to treat urinary tract infections and to reduce sleep disturbances but these claims are yet to be proven.

It consists of a therapist manipulating your hands, feet and sometimes even the ears as it is thought that each part of your foot and hand corresponds to another part of your body. If you have a problem in your leg for example, there is a pressure point on your hand or your foot that will help to alleviate that problem. Trouble with your liver? There’s a spot for that too.

Centuries ago, reflexology was thought to rebalance your qi, which isn’t just a great word to play in Scrabble, but an unseen life force that can become clouded over time and needs to be reset. This is where medical professionals become a bit confused as you can’t see the qi so how can you fix it? If you believe, however, that your qi is off and you want to see a reflexologist to get it back to normal, go ahead. Sometimes believing in something is a powerful aid in getting back to feeling good.

In short, reflexology shouldn’t be used solely to treat things like cancer or other diseases alone. If you have a problem you should consult a doctor and get second opinions as needed, but for little things that can benefit from a nice foot rub or a palm massage, reflexology is a nice treat for yourself at the spa.