How to Find a Good Medical Spa in Your Area

We always stress the importance of finding a high quality medical spa. Finding a reputable medical spa, and a location with staff you can trust is of the utmost importance.

The single largest advantage a medical spa has is the knowledge of the staff. Doctors who can listen to your needs and help identify the right treatment are an essential first step. Although essentially all procedures available at a medical spa are extremely safe and unlikely to cause injury, this always assumes well-trained staff members are using the device correctly over the course of your treatment.

This article will provide an overview of things to consider when seeking out a medical spa. We’ll be looking at three main areas that can be used to identify reputable place: who owns or operates the spa, what sort of training does the staff receive, and is their equipment safe and modern? We’ll also identify some easy questions you can ask over the phone to help you find the right medical spa before you go.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

One of the primary things to consider is who owns or operates a medical spa. The best medical spas tend to be either owned by doctors or run by them. Depending on the treatments offered by a spa, some or all of them will require consultation with a doctor. You certainly want to speak with a doctor before any treatment that involves prescription medication, or that may have serious dermatological impact.

If doctors seem aloof or hard to speak to, it may be a warning sign. Make sure to suss out if this doctor will be able to proactively guide you through your treatment cycle in a way you can understand and are comfortable with. When you call in, you should be easily able to book a consultation with them, and they should be friendly and knowledgeable during the consultation. Beware of anyone who keeps saying ‘We can fix that’ – you’re looking for a realistic doctor, not an over-promising salesperson.

What to ask on the phone: What medical qualifications do the owners or operators of your spa have?

Who is Performing Your Procedure?

In addition to finding a medical spa that is run by doctors, it is also important to make sure the staff who perform the procedure have been well-trained. The ideal spa should have staff who are very experienced using the equipment required for your procedure. Try looking up some online reviews about the business on Yelp or just by searching their name online with the word ‘reviews’.

Many medical spas also keep before and after photo collections of former patients as a testament to the skill of their staff and their experience with these treatments. Try asking to see such a portfolio if you have concerns about the people who are performing your procedure. If they’re not good at it, their results will probably be poor also.

What to ask on the phone: How much experience does your staff members have with this procedure? What is the training procedure?

Is the Equipment Up to Date?

Lastly you want to make sure that whatever medical spa you choose has modern equipment. There have been significant advances in areas like photo facials, laser skin tightening, and redness removal treatments, among others. You want to make sure that all the equipment used is reasonably modern and is incorporating the latest advancements. Many of the prices for medical spa services seem high because the equipment is cutting edge and rather expensive itself, so beware of spas with unusually low prices. This often indicates the equipment is old and out of date, or that it was bought second-hand. The latest equipment for many laser based treatments is significantly less painful than the earlier models, another big upside.

What to ask on the phone: What equipment do you use for the Procedure, and how long have you had it for?

Five Reasons Why a Mobile Spa Is an Excellent Party Idea

Clearly, not too many people are aware of mobile spa as a theme for any kind of party or as a feature for big events like sales conventions and dealers’ night. Some party themes are overused already and do not offer the same excitement like they used to; thus, you need new ideas to make your parties memorable and talked about. A mobile spa theme for your party is one novel idea and is growing very popular at this time. In fact, it is estimated that in the U.S. alone, there are at least 500 companies offering this kind of party. Why is this fast becoming popular?

There are several reasons and the most popular ones why this is an excellent idea is as follows:

  1. It is a unique opportunity to show your guest and friends that you really care for them. Among the services offered by this kind of party provider include massage, foot spa, manicure, and pedicure. There are even those who provide yoga and Pilates lessons. With these as party features, you are really indulging your party guests.
  2. There will never be a dull moment in here. Think of the bonding moment that it will create among your guests and friends. This is a good way for them to catch up with each other. You can just imagine stories that you hear from each other while choosing the best nail polish or sharing household tips while relaxing from massage. You can just simply lie down and enjoy the free treats provided by the host through mobile spas.
  3. It is healthier and more relaxing. Who wouldn’t want a back rub for free? Who doesn’t enjoy a foot spa as party treat? Who doesn’t like beautiful finger and toe nails? Definitely, yoga and exercise lessons are also better instead of munching food and drinks rich in cholesterol and calories.
  4. It is a general patronage theme. Even children can enjoy the manicure and pedicure sessions. Young adults on the other hand might find yoga and Pilates lessons interesting for them and could be the beginning of an inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle. Husbands or male romantic partners will definitely enjoy the massage to relieve stress on their body which is better for them instead of eating too much meat and drinking too many bottles of alcohol.
  5. Because it is mobile, there is no need for the whole party to bring into hotels or spa resorts and facilities. You can contract spa providers for home services. Although it might be expensive, you have to consider the health benefits you get from it even if it lasts only for about an hour.

Do not hesitate to call any mobile spa providers now if you want to hold a unique party where your guests are not only well fed but are more relaxed and go home stress free with plenty of memories and stories to remember. Definitely, they will look forward to your next party. Who knows, they might request the same theme for their own parties?

Ways To Detox At The Spa

We are bombarded with toxins each and every day. They are in the foods we eat, the air we breathe and in things we touch but most of us don’t give it a second thought. More and more, though, people are beginning to understand the business of detoxing, that is, ridding our bodies of the toxins that build up over time.

The good news is that there are many ways we can detox our bodies, and most of them are readily available at a spa near you. Now you can be pampered and be doing something good for your bodily systems all at the same time. Most of us have heard of the steam room or sauna where we go to sweat out all the bad stuff that’s floating around inside of us. This is usually done after other treatments, and opens up the pores, leaving you refreshed inside and out.

Fancier ways to detox, however are numerous. Take for example the lymphatic drainage massage, one that promises to boost circulation, drain trapped water and toxins out of your body and is done by gentle movements on your face, neck and body. Sounds relaxing, right? Then there’s the seaweed bath (which can also be done with salt). Here you soak in a big tub filled with seaweed, salt or a combination of both and allow the minerals to enter your body while the water draws out the toxins.

If a soak isn’t for you, you can take in a salt scrub or a seaweed wrap, and there are also mud baths and mud wraps that do the same thing, leaving your skin soft and your mind exhilarated.

While some people would jump at the chance to go to a spa, for others it’s just too touchy feely and they’d rather do something a little less invasive. Enter the ionic detox, something that many chiropractic offices offer around the country. Here you simply put your feet into a bowl of warm salty water and let the array (a copper attachment) push and pull the ions through your body, bringing toxins out with them. You’ll be amazed at the colour of the water when your treatment is done! All of that was just swimming around inside of you, those accumulated toxins that we pick up during the course of every day.

Detoxing your body is a good way to rid it of what you don’t need, and heck, you may just get some pampering in there while you’re at it!

Demystifying Spa – Erotica Versus Mindful Healing

The Spa Industry has emerged significantly as a luxurious elite lifestyle sector and woos funds from top business circles. It has turned the tradition of the personal masseur into a synchronized licensed and accredited body of professionals that demonstrate strength in management of ethics, hygiene, comfort, care and pleasure in a healing framework. It is based essentially on applications of hydrotherapy as a form of natural wellness, programmed in socially aligned markets, yet merges in practise with the massage therapy industry. The mixed identity belongs to the involvement of the latter category.

Spas and bathing houses as hammams, were known over the ages in Rome and Turkey, to have deteriorated from community bathing ideals into licentiousness, scandal and promiscuity. They never escaped their image of community notoriety. Massage in Bangkok was used as a prop to attract customers and tourists into deviant styles of eroticism and casual intimacy against fees. Many big cities had their sleazy dens of erotic massage on sale or under cover. The spa industry at its exorbitant cost, struggled to grow officially despite tricks to the trade and a parallel lesser community of trafficking, where young girls were taught the trade and bartered. Hygiene and safety invited huge investments viz regulators, perhaps to minimize contagious venereal diseases that spread around the world.

Standards and Accreditation boards united to define this powerful industry, which became compulsory for top end hotels to own. Hygiene, safety, ethics, boundaries, environment, dressing code, privacy laws and laws against sexual harassment to therapists have since been well documented. Massage and hydrotherapy systems have been standardized for arrangement of training and therapist skills requirements. Industry objectives and definitions have been marked for individual interests and for global values. This has formed the basis for spa management and business, financial forecasts, expenditure and recovery.

It seems the tyranny of the underworld was overlooked as the controls to the spa markets remained with the erotic component more than with the regulators. Spa therapies progressed in its research and potential for healing and has been arranged in advanced scientific category as alternative medicine. This latter industry belongs to doctors, physical therapists, healthcare workers and researchers. Their systems and metrics, disposition, skills, study and activities were visible to the public. Therapy has a market service value in relation to the expertise of the practitioner, rather than in relation to the cost of the spa landscape. Accreditors have managed institutional programs based on academic merit. Spas generally have offered in house, branded courses for their employees to train in their company standards. Their therapists are young with only basic skills to manage standard operating procedures. They are not arranged to assessment and therapy at clinical levels.

Spa therapies cover practises of basic Swedish massage and also of massage traditions as ayurveda, balinese, thai, shiatsu and reflexology. These massages have been arranged into services in spa menus that support wellness and a luxurious lifestyle. Pools, aqua aerobics, watsu, jacuzzi;s, chill pools, steam baths, sauna, jet baths, dry floatations and many other packages are common territory. Some spas have the capacity to meet with the higher ordeals of therapy rituals and transform the clients body-mind through touch therapy, nutrition, zen meditation, music and yoga.

Spas also may offer sports massage, lymphatic drainage massage, cranio sacral therapy, deep tissue massage and neuromuscular massage therapy that provide scientific support for medical management. This is arranged with privacy, comfort, specialized assessment and predictable recovery in a time managed solution.

Spa often merges with the beauty industry where its place is significantly controlled. Beauty services for face, hair and body, are based through dermatological and cosmeceutical infusions handled manually. Standards for equipment, towels, body wraps, scrubs, products, display, space, tray and therapist grooming is clearly marked. Spa woos and retains customers through its advanced hospitality systems. Corporate controls are thorough and exact based on their goals. A zen spa will show organizational alignment to healing rituals, zen space, mindful living and mastery of treatment through the tsubo.

As the field continues to grow and attract clients, awareness improves. Expensive therapies filter out the nuisances created by common man practises that are unhygienic, community based, public and cheap. Health farms and other categories of healing trades have emerged to eradicate the erotica and myth from the industry. Therapists have combined to list directories of able, qualified practitioners, and have arranged forums for their business to remain impactful.

Spa Industry influencers should perhaps work towards elevating the consciousness of humanity, and diverting them from the lower frequencies of existence. Free webinars, rewards, business support and recognition, and accreditation may support accomplishing this. Laws may be enforced to penalize perverse practises. This is within the scope of modern ideals. Yet it remains a puzzle why the commander in control remains an alien.